Beating Heart Repair

NeoChord Artificial Chordae Delivery System,
Model DS1000

The NeoChordĀ procedureĀ is a beating heart, echo-guided treatment option for patients with mitral valve regurgitation and is proven to resolve and restore normal mitral valve function.

The NeoChord DS1000 System is intended for use when the native chordae tendinae have become elongated or ruptured. It is indicated for use in patients with moderate to severe degenerative mitral valve regurgitation.


The NeoChord procedure is performed via a thoracotomy. Using 2D and 3D echo guidance, the system is introduced into the left ventricle and navigated to the mitral annular plane. The prolapsing segment of the mitral valve leaflet is grasped in the expandable jaws of the NeoChord system. Typically, three to four artificial chordae are placed along the free edge of the mitral valve leaflet to re-suspend the prolapsed segment.

Using TEE, the level of mitral valve regurgitation is reduced by adjusting the length of the artificial chordae. Once regurgitation has been reduced to the desired level, the artificial chordae are secured to a pledget on the epicardium of the heart.


Echo Guided Procedure

Using intra-operative TEE, leaflet capture is confirmed in real time and verified using the fiber optic display.

Restored Valve Function