NeoChord DS1000 System

NeoChord DS1000 system is an off-pump, transapical surgical option for treating degenerative mitral valve disease proven to resolve mitral regurgitation and restore mitral valve function on a beating heart.

The procedure is performed via a thoracotomy, unlike highly-invasive sternotomy based repair procedures. Using 2D and 3D echo guidance, the system is introduced through apex of the left ventrical and navigated to the mitral valve. The prolapsing segment of the dysfunctional mitral valve leaflet is grasped using the expandable jaws of the device. Leaflet capture is verified using a fiber optic monitor in real time. The suture is then deployed placing the artificial chordae on the free edge of the prolapsing segment of the mitral valve leaflet.

The level of mitral valve regurgitation is reduced by applying gradual tension to the artificial chordae and confirmed in real time via echocardiography. Once mitral valve regurgitation has been reduced to the desired level, the artificial chordae is secured to the apex of the heart.